November in the Artists’ Gallery in Frederick MD including an exhibition by Phyllis Jacobs

November in the Artists’ Gallery in Frederick MD including an exhibition by Phyllis Jacobs
November at The Artists’ Gallery
The Artists' Gallery Big Hearts Small Works Exhibit, Dec 2011
In November, The Artists’ Gallery presents the work of Phyllis Jacobs and the members of the Artists Gallery.

Risk-taking in art is usually associated with young artists.  Phyllis Jacobs doubts the truth of this. She asks, “How might an artist approaching the latter years of life remain productive?”  There seem to be two choices: continue refining what has been the signature work of nearly 50 years, or take the risk of a challenge in totally new terrains. Acrylic canvases of the past, some large enough cover a wall, give way now to small paperworks mounted on cradled birch panels. The sense of touch remains. Paintings made on an iPad respond to fingers on the screen. Pencil drawings enhanced with gauze, coffee filters, bold erasures, and spilled liquids may be selected as much for how they feel in the hand as they do to the eye.

For more information please visit our website or our facebook page.

Gallery Hours:
12-5 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday
and by appointment

Our mailing address is: The Artists’ Gallery
4 East Church Street, Frederick MD 21701

“Off Track Art” is an artists’ co-op and gallery located in the historic Liberty Building at 11 Liberty Street – next to the railroad tracks, off of the Sentinel parking lot at the corner of West Main St and MD 27-Liberty St – in historic downtown Westminster, Carroll County Maryland. 

Open: Wed-Fri. Noon to 6 PM , Sat. 10 AM – 5 PM. 
 For news and information on Off Track Art previous to December 15, 2011, you can go to

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