Classico Pizzeria, 444 WMC Dr, Ste 102, College Square Shopping Center, Westminster

Classico Pizzeria, 444 WMC Dr, Ste 102, College Square Shopping Center, Westminster, MD 21158 Phone: 410-751-7600

April 11, 2017

20140922 Classico bros (3)sClassico Pizzeria has been a favorite of our family’s for years. Reasonably priced great food by fantastic friendly folks who love to cook and are in the customer service business. The well-appointed bright restaurant is always spotless and provides a great place to have lunch, dinner or an afternoon snack with your friends and family. Take-out is always easy. Just call ahead and it will ready by the time you arrive. They will know you and your family in no time. You are not just a number, you are a friend and a guest in their house…

Parking is always readily available in a well-lighted parking lot. At least one of the owners has a military and firefighter background – Classico is a favorite with military personnel, firefighters, first responders, EMS providers, dispatchers, and police officers. Locally owned by a wonderful, community-minded, family that works really hard. All your money stays in Westminster and helps support great family and they give back to the community. Phone: 410-751-7600

Classico Pizzeria

444 WMC Dr, Ste 102

College Square Shopping Center

Westminster, MD 21158

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