You Are Not a Disgrace to Women. BUT.

Sarah Howell-Miller

This Facebook post has been making the rounds the last few days. I’m not sure who the original author is, as people have been copying and pasting it into their status (which led me to believe that someone I know had written it until I caught on). I wanted to respond to it at the time, but I knew I needed some time.

Then I read a blog post called “You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.” It’s intense and in a tone I have no desire to take, but it makes some great points. To summarize:

  • Many, MANY women fought and marched and sacrificed to afford women the rights they have today. We should thank them.
  • The fact is that in America, women are not equal. You might feel equal, but you are not. The stats are in the post.

But I wanted to take a different approach to responding. The…

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