Maryland Troopers Association Lodge #20 awards education scholarships

20170614_MTA group wcMaryland State Troopers and the law firm of Warnken Attorneys at Law to award eight scholarships to local Carroll countians for future education expenses.

Westminster Md. September 12, 2017 by Kevin E. Dayhoff

Earlier in the summer, the Maryland State Police teamed-up with the Maryland Troopers Association Lodge #20, the Maryland Troopers Foundation, and the law firm of Warnken Attorneys at Law to award eight scholarships to local Carroll countians for future education expenses.

Retired MSP Captain Earl Bredenburg, president of the Carroll County Troopers Association Lodge, was the master of ceremonies for the event at the Westminster MSP Barrack that brought together current and retired troopers, friends and families.

Bredenburg was accompanied by retired US Department of Justice Sr. Special Agent Tim Clark, representing the Foundation; MSP Lt. Pat McCrory, and Captain Holly Barrett, representing the Maryland State Police; and attorney Rebecca Smith representing the Warnken law firm.

Bredenburg reported, “four of these winners will be receiving their awards from Warnken LLC, the MTA attorney, two will receive their awards from the Maryland Troopers Foundation, one got an award from the local Carroll County Lodge – # 20 of the Maryland Troopers Association… and one award was shared by the foundation and the lodge…

“Statewide, the Maryland Troopers Association alone, awarded a total of 20 scholarships, totaling $12,500. Across the state, Warnken…, the foundation and the association awarded scholarships to 30 students and two troopers – to further their education, for a total of $19,000.

“Carroll County residents took 8 of these scholarships, that’s 25% of the state wide total amounting to $4,500. Well done by these students…,” said Bredenburg. The association is made-up of twenty lodges across the state. Lodge #20 represents Carroll County.

Prior to the awards ceremony, McCrory said that the scholarships, “were a good thing… This is a good investment in our future.” After giving-out the two foundation awards, Clark said, “The foundation is here to help…. We’re glad to lend a hand and help out….”

Smith observed, “This is our 20th year with the MTA. We just think that giving to the children of Maryland State Troopers is important…” Warnken has represented the Maryland Troopers Association since 1997.

In addition to helping to provide scholarships for member’s children, according to Bredenburg, Lodge # 20 has worked hard over the years to raise money to support many civic and law enforcement projects and initiatives.

The lodge works to provide a social network for our retired and active members and work for better working conditions and pay for our troopers. The lodge also works hard to help support fellow officers when financial support is needed, providing financial assistance when troopers are injured, and helping with families needing lodging while attending to injured troopers.

The lodge was proud to stand by our brothers and sisters in the Baltimore Police Department and help financially support several of the officers caught-up in the Freddie Grey case.

For over 30-years, the lodge sponsored a Christmas for Kids program, a youth softball team, and donated to local community projects at the VFW and local churches.

Bredenburg added after the ceremonies, that as long as he can remember the Troopers Association has been giving out the education awards. “Helping troopers and their families continue their education has always been important to the lodge – I bet we’ve been doing it for over twenty-years.”


Kevin Dayhoff is the PIO and Chaplain for Lodge #20 and the Westminster Fire Engine and Hose Co. No. 1. Since 2004 he has written for a number of publications including Westminster Patch – the Baltimore Sun and the Carroll County Times He can be reached at

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