Westminster mayor Joe Dominick praises council candidates

Westminster mayor Joe Dominick praises council candidates

Awesome letter to the editor by Westminster Mayor Joe Dominick – Carroll County Times May 6, 2019 Letters: Westminster mayor praises council candidates https://www.carrollcountytimes.com/opinion/letters/cc-op-letters-050619-story.html

You’ve started seeing campaign signs, direct mail, and Facebook posts asking for your vote come Tuesday, May 14. An election for three seats on the City of Westminster’s Common Council is upon us.

Between elections, the residents in the City of Westminster rely on myself and the Council to make decisions on their behalf. It is a great responsibility that we are honored to have. Every two years the residents of the City have the great responsibility to vote for half of their representatives.

Jessica Laird works in business development at one of the largest institutions here in the city. She brings a new energy to the City and will be a strong supporter of public safety and Main Street initiatives.

Steven Colella also brings a new energy to the City. All of his professional experience has been in municipal government and economic development. Public safety and downtown initiatives would be his main focus.

Kevin Dayhoff is a former Mayor and Councilman. He is a very kind and caring man. I haven’t met anyone who loves the City of Westminster more than Mr. Dayhoff. If you ever want to hear a detailed history of the City, just ask him.

Councilman Gregory Pecoraro is currently a Councilman and is seeking re-election. He has served multiple terms and brings a lot of experience to the current elected body. Councilman Pecoraro is a good man. I’ve worked well with him on issues — when we agree and when we don’t.

I’ve known Kate Carter for a couple of years. She is a technology professional with a lot of good ideas. Between her professional experience and interest in downtown, Kate brings a lot to the table. Kate’s father was a business professor at Western Maryland/McDaniel College. He was the best teacher I’ve ever had.

Ann Thomas Gilbert has been one of the main people moving the Veteran’s Independence Project forward. She has devoted her professional life to social services. Running for Council is one more way she wants to help her community.

Disagreement is good in government, but politics doesn’t have to be negative. These six individuals have decided to step up to help preserve what’s good in the City and move the rest forward.

I am confident that the City of Westminster will be in good hands come May 14. Please vote for those who you want in office.

Mayor Joe Dominick



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