The Community Foundation of Carroll County is seeking applicants for the Mike Eaton scholarship fund.

The Community Foundation of Carroll County is seeking applicants for the Mike Eaton scholarship fund.

By Kevin Dayhoff May 3, 2020

Since 2011 a Mike Eaton Scholarship has been awarded annually to recognize inspirational teachers, like Eaton, in the lives of the current graduating class of Westminster High School.

The purpose of the fund is to honor the life of WILLIAM GRANVILLE ”MIKE” EATON by providing a scholarship(s) for a Westminster High School graduating senior(s) and an annual award for an outstanding teacher at that same school both based on the criteria established for this fund in the application

One of the requirements of the scholarship is that the student write an essay about their most inspirational teacher.

More information about the scholarship may be found on the Community Foundation of Carroll County website. Find it at

For a copy of the scholarship application click here.

More information about the life and times of William Granville “Mike” Eaton may be found in article that appeared in the Carroll County Times on March 1, 2019, by Kevin Dayhoff.

An article titled, “Dayhoff: ‘Indubitably,’ remembering Mike Eaton, who taught so many in our community’ reports, Many folks in Carroll County have heard of William Granville “Mike” Eaton at some point in their life. Eaton taught English and drama in Carroll County Public Schools for 41 years before he retired in 1971 — 36 at Westminster High School.

He was one of the many friendly and kind patriarchs in Carroll County for over a half-century. He passed away from cancer on April 24, 1995; however he maintains to this day, a profound influence over who we are as a community.

Eaton was born in Centerville on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on June 22, 1908. He came to Westminster in 1926 to attend Western Maryland College, where he graduated in 1930. It was in that year that he began his teaching career at Elmer A. Wolfe High School in Union Bridge.

In the early 1930s, he concurrently earned his master’s degree, in 1935, from Columbia University in New York.

After a year at Elmer Wolfe, he taught for three years at Charles Carroll High School in Silver Run before coming to Westminster to teach at the original 1898 Westminster High School on Center Street.

He was there for only one year before the “new” Westminster High School opened on Longwell Avenue, where he taught for the entire life of the building as a high school, in Room 106.

Eaton nurtured future leaders through the Kiwanis Key Club and inspired many students, friends, and colleagues to great success. Among his students was writer, director, and actor Ernest Thompson whose work includes “On Golden Pond.” Thomas has subsequently, over the years, won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and Writer’s Guild of America awards.

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Kevin Dayhoff – CONTACT: Kevin Dayhoff writes about history and current events for the Carroll County Times. He is a Carroll County native, artist, retired farmer, and former appointed and elected official. Over the years Kevin has written for a number of publications, including the Baltimore Sun, The Advocate, and most recently the Carroll Eagle. In 2009 he won a MDDC Press Association award for editorial critical thinking. He volunteers for the Westminster Vol. Fire Department as the public information office and chaplain. He lives in Westminster with his wife Caroline.

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