Westminster Candidates

VOCAL always does a good job of doing its homework and bringing the issues in the community forward for consideration and discussion. According to its website, “VOCAL is an inclusive grassroots group in Carroll County, Maryland advocating for ethical and just principles, policies, and officials in local government…” The community owes a debt of gratitude to VOCAL for all its work on behalf of the community.

It’s coverage of the Westminster municipal elections may be found here: https://vocalcarrollcounty.wordpress.com/elections/elections-2019/city-of-westminster-election-2019/

Westminster voters will head to the polls on May 14, 2019 to elect three members of the Common Council. The term of office for a Common Councilmember is four years.

Six candidates have filed to run for three open seats on the Westminster Common Council. The deadline to file was Monday April 15, 2019. at 5 p.m. The election will be May 14 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., according to Shannon Visocsky, Westminster City Clerk.

Candidates for the three open seats on the Common Council are Kate Carter, Steven Colella, Kevin Earl Dayhoff, Ann Thomas Gilbert, Jessica M. Laird, and Greg Pecoraro.

Those who live on the east side of Md. 31 vote at the Westminster fire department at 28 John St., she said. Those who live on the west side of Md. 31 vote at the Community Center at 325 Royer Road.

Anyone who has lived within the city limits for at least six months and can vote in a general election is qualified to vote in the municipal election, she said.

In the past, the city has faced issues such as public safety, economic development and how to keep the Main Street area vital.

The Carroll Community Media Center’s candidate profiles and voter guide for the May 14, 2019 municipal election may be found here: https://www.carrollmediacenter.org/westminster-voting-guide

VOCAL’s voter guide may be found here: https://vocalcarrollcounty.wordpress.com/elections/elections-2019/city-of-westminster-election-2019/westminster-candidates/

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